Monday, October 5, 2009

Hello Again!

Sorry for the absent summer- a lot of work and a little traveling have hindered my blogging abilities. I am working on some upcoming blog topics, but wanted to post an amazing video of one of my new favorite bands: Dirty Projectors. The ladies of the group make this special for me, as they harmonize like nothing I've ever heard before (consider them 2009's Fleet Foxes or SVIIB). Thanks to BK for sharing this vid - I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Don't believe all of those sounds are coming from them and not keyboards? Go to the article and check out the second video of them performing the same song in the dressing room.

I'm working on my top songs of 2009 right now, and thus far I've got 60 songs on the way to 100. I'll be sharing some of the new (and not so new) music I'm discovering along the way. Check out some of the websites I've listed to the left if you want to explore some new music and other neat things.

Looking forward to a mini-camping trip this weekend, and I hope to blog again soon, as long the Wii doesn't take over my life (which is very possible considering Super Mario Galaxy is the coolest game... in the galaxy).

Have a great week blog friends!

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Fire Crotch said...

Glad I was able to make your day the other you had no idea that I was such a freak when we were working at Riverside. Heh. I'm excited to see your list of songs...I only recently discovered the Fleet Foxes, so hopefully your list will open my eyes to some newer stuff.