Thursday, November 19, 2009

Updates, Galore!

Hello peeps,

I wanted to post a bit about what I'm doing these days, as well as some of my most recent musical explorations, so here we go.

Halloween - The Halloween costumes came out perfect. All of the sewing injuries were worth the final product. Here's a picture of BK and I in them:

Future appearances of the shark - You will undoubtedly see the shark costume again, as I have signed up for 2009's Polar Plunge to benefit Virginia Special Olympics, and plan to wear the shark costume when I submerge myself in the frigid Atlantic Ocean next February. Care to donate to this great cause? Click here :)

Volunteerism - I am still with Big Brothers Big Sisters, and have been assigned a new "Little" named Julia. She is adorable and we've had lots of fun so far. I hope to form a lasting friendship with her. I have also joined the Kiwanis Club of York. Many people ask, "what is Kiwanis?"...well, do you remember the Key Club in high school (or Keyettes for the ladies), or Circle K in college? Well, these are divisions of Kiwanis for younger folks. My grandparents have been members of Kiwanis for years, and it's a good way for me to spend some time with them and do some good things in the community as well. I'm excited and inspired to be associated with such a caring group of people! If you're interested in joining, click the link above or send me an e-mail for more deets. Meetings are held the 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month.

MUSIC!!! - So there are many new albums that I've downloaded recently, and I'll give you a brief summary of a few:

Liechtenstein ~ an indie-pop girl-group from Sweden, these ladies harmonize very well and their music is upbeat and happy. (album Survival Strategies in a Modern World released May 2009)

Mayer Hawthorne ~ an old-school Motown-style R&B singer, Mayer Hawthorne is my new John Legend. (album A Strange Arrangement released October 2009)

The Very Best ~ reggae, world, and pop all mushed into one sound. This album is fantastic and will keep me feeling warm and fuzzy all winter long. (album Warm Heart of Africa released September 2009)

If you're interested in hearing more from any of these amazing musicians, let me know, or request a copy of my Top Songs of 2009 List, coming soon. BK talked me into making a 'top songs list' for this year, and I've decided to do 100 songs instead of 40, basically because I'm an overachiever in every sense of the word. ;)

Concerts - So as I previously mentioned, I will be attending Camera Obscura's show this Saturday in Norfolk. Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings will be coming to The National in RVA in December, and I'll be there as well. And although it's a long, long, ways away, I'll be seeing Pavement's reunion concert in Central Park next September. Not sure what I'm more excited about: Pavement, or the fake Prada bags I'm destined to buy in NYC. (j/k, j/k!)

I have a few topics in mind to blog (rant) about in the coming days (weeks?), so I'll try to be back soon, so as not to keep you on the edge of your seats for too long.