Thursday, July 9, 2009

July Update

Hello! I have finished ALL my work today, so I'm going to spend the last few minutes of my workday writing a short update on all things Amber-related.

First, I PASSED the PHR exam last Monday! I really doubted I'd pass it, especially with a 60% pass rate. All the studying I did in the last couple of months must have helped, although I admit I could've been more prepared. I just have to wait for the official results in the mail. Hopefully a computer hacker didn't play a cruel joke on me by putting up a "PASSED!" screen at Prometric.

Second, I was finally assigned a little sister through Big Brothers Big Sisters. Amijah and I have had two outings, and have had a great time getting to know each other. She is 6 years old, very smart, and has endless amounts of energy. I love her already, and am excited to spend more time with her.

Third, I went on a small business trip to Beaufort, SC last week. It's about an hour south of Charleston and an hour north of Savannah. My dad went with me to keep me company on the 7+ hour drive down, and we had a great time. It's hard not to with all expenses paid. We went to a decent seafood restaurant with an incredible view:

On our second day there we went to the small downtown waterfront with probably a hundred unique stores with everything from monkey soaps to sweet modern art:

(the photo does not do this piece justice)

On the way back from SC we stopped (I mean, took a 3 hour detour) by my great-aunt Hazel's house in coastal NC. There is no place for me like Aunt Hazel's house. I have great memories of spending time there as a child, so I love to be there. I let my dad read an old favorite book of mine, "The Story of Little Black Mingo", which I look at every time I go there. It's so wrong to cherish this book, but it amazes me to think of a time when these types of books were standards in many homes. In defense of the story, Little Black Mingo, messed up stereotypes aside, kicks some major ass at the end of the book, and I think I mostly enjoyed the blown up crocodile at the end. :)

Kickball: After 3 games, Rainbows and Lollipops is undefeated thus far in the season. We'll see how far we can get!

That's all for now, thought I'd leave you with some of my most recent camera phone pics.

Here's one of my doggie. I try not to gush over her but I think she's pretty much the best dog ever:

Here's Brad sniffing melons at the grocery store:

And the grand finale! I saw this total douchebag riding his motorcycle a while back... His license plate says "GTN LD" Seriously??? I think anyone who needs to put that on his license plate is probably NOT getting laid. That's really all I can say about it. I was pretty grossed out, thus risked a minor traffic accident to get a photo of him.

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Fire Crotch said...

Maybe he's getting laid by his bike? I mean look at that thing...and is that a pink helmet on the side? Looks like a stogie's sticking out of his ass.