Friday, June 19, 2009

Quick Post before the Weekend!

Hey there peeps - Happy Friday!

Some updates on what's up with me: still haven't heard back from Big Brothers Big Sisters... maybe my speeding ticket last year is affecting this???

Played (AND WON) our first kickball game of the season last night. Highlights: Mariah's fantastic rainbow wristbands for all of us, Brad busting his ass rounding 2nd base, me trucking Dale at home plate, a shoe kicked off while kicking (tie your laces homies!), lightening, thunder, and a Walk of Shame player managing to step on the ball, double-kick, and fall down a slight hill in one fluid play.

The turnout at Bay Haven was incredible - 2 cornhole sets and much drinking and debauchery. I'm surprised their taps didn't run dry. Hopefully this will continue throughout the season, however I predict my productivity at work on Friday's will be pretty low until the season's over!

PHR Exam:
Duh-duh-duh! Only 11 days until I take the Professional of Human Resources certification exam. I will be cramming until then - wish me luck!

Video of the Day:
This is from the same Justin Timberlake SNL from a month or so ago. This is actually my favorite video from the show:

Hope you all have a killer weekend!

1 comment:

BK said...

Two things tard-a-con... one, I was rounding first when I busted ass, so check yourself.

Second, you misspelled lightning.

Third, Big Brothers Big Sisters called and I told them you wrangled me by slipping me a date rape drug. Highly unlikely they'll call you back. Good luck.

Fourth, I think catching up with all of the Lost seasons in two weeks takes precedence over the PHR exam.