Tuesday, June 9, 2009

To Blog or Not to Blog

I haven’t written anything lately because I’ve been a little pre-occupied with stuff. I only say “stuff” because I don’t want to bore you with the mundane parts of my life that take up the majority of my time. That being said, I wanted to put up a little blog with some things that I have done / come across in the last few weeks.

First, I went to Baltimore and realized how little of the world I’ve seen. I was totally uncomfortable being ‘outside my bubble’ of VA. Brad called me a fraggle, which made me really depressed, but also determined to get out and see more places. SO, that’s what I’m going to do! Even in places I go every day, I’m going to try and do new things more often.

Second, I went to Ikea for the first time as well. What an experience! For someone like me, who loves perusing home and garden mags daydreaming about how my “grown-up house” will look, it was the coolest place ever! The maze of rooms that are set up mesmerized me. The only suggestion I have is for parents to limit the amount of time they keep their kids in that store. It took us about two hours to get through the store and pay, and I cannot imagine trying to take a child on that journey – it’s just too boring for kids. So the kids that are so bored make other shoppers miserable by running them over with shopping carts (which happened to me on two occasions) or simply squealing and shrieking, until their parents move on into the children’s area. Seriously parents, use a little common sense here.

Old Possibly New Music:
I listened to my old iPod today at work, and realized that I’ve been so caught up in new 2009 music that I’ve deprived my ears of some excellent older music. Maybe some of this will be new to you, or maybe you’re a music-omniscient-Wikipedia-head and know everything already…

The Morning Benders (Talking Through Tin Cans) I picked this up randomly last year and it is one of my absolute faves. This album got me through some tough times in 2008 and it’s still great. Here is a video of theirs:

Anthony Hamilton (Southern Comfort) Working at the public library can help one venture into new books and music. I saw the cover of this and thought it may be interesting, not to mention Mr. Hamilton is apparently very popular in R&B world. I’m a huge John Legend fan, and I love this album. Very romantic and sexy on many songs.

At the Drive-In (Relationship of Command) I hadn’t listened to this in many years, but loved it then and still love it now. I am also a fan of The Mars Volta, but am more loyal to ATDI.

Keyshia Cole (The Way It Is) This is one of her earlier albums, not as polished as Just Like You, but I think that is a good thing. This is Keyshia Cole before anyone and everyone wanted to guest star on her songs (Missy Elliot, P. Diddy, etc).

Paramore (Riot!) A guilty pleasure – this album gets me pumped up and even though the lyrics can be cheesy at times (their lead singer is only like 16 years old people), the up-beat guitar riffs make me want to go mosh amongst middle schoolers. (Do they even call it moshing anymore?)

RZA (Bobby Digital) I probably should not have been listening to this at 16, and even at 27 I feel like I’m too young to listen to this. The fact that I’m a girl most likely has something to do with it, as some of Bobby D.’s lyrics make anyone with (or with respect for) a va-j-j cringe. In spite of x-rated lyrics, I still love Bobby-bobby-bobby… diji-diji-diji!

Ziggy Marley (Love is my Religion) Ziggy Marley puts me in a good mood pretty much anytime. Although he will surely never be a legend like his father, his positive mindset on life helps me think positively as well.

Junior Kelly (Greatest Hits) Another favorite reggae artist. His voice is distinct and I pretty much love every song I've heard from him.

Big Sister Coming Right up!
No folks, my moms isn’t preggo (thank goodness because there is surely something in the water around here!), however, I will be joining Big Brothers Big Sisters soon. I had my interview last week, so as long as my background check comes back ok I should be assigned a little sister in the coming weeks. I originally wanted to sign up while I was in college, but just couldn’t make the time. Now I’ve got a lot more free time on my hands and want to do something good with it. Hopefully it won’t play out like Role Models, because I would not be cool with a little kid stealing my car or making me attend Dungeons and Dragons reenactments. Maybe I’ll borrow a chester molester van to pick up my little sister for the first time just to freak her parents out. j/k j/k

Brad and I have started a shop on ETSY to sell art! Click here to check it out. We will be opening up our store to friends and family with handmade items and art to sell, for a nominal fee for our time. If you have original art, jewelry, handmade clothing or pretty much anything, let us know!

New additions to the family:
After the death of Ike and Tina more than a year ago, I didn’t think it possible to open my home to more hermit crabs. So instead I opened Brad’s home. (Although I’m still planning on “taking them in to my office” at some point. Wink wink.) The two new hermies are Lily aka Dangerous Person, and Jarrod aka Eagle Lord. If you haven’t seen Eagle vs. Shark you will not understand these names, but you should check it out because it’s pretty much hilarious.

I’m sad to report that Eagle Lord has passed away as of this morning. It is possible that by choosing the two smallest hermit crabs in the tank at Wings, I actually chose the two weakest of the pack. Hopefully Dangerous Person won’t meet the same fate (especially considering the fact that I pimped out their cage with all sorts of cool hermit crab gear).

Since I’ve been so slack on videos lately, I thought I’d leave you with one I just discovered today from a Pandora mix.

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