Thursday, March 5, 2009

Craziness Caught on Camera... phone.

People have been using camera phones for years now, and although I try to act like I don’t think it’s cool, I do. I love being able to capture randomness on camera at the drop of a hat. It’s so much more discreet than a regular camera too, because no one can tell whether you’re taking a photo or trying to figure out how the hell to work your phone. I thought I’d share some of the photos currently gathering dust on my phone.

~Rainbows and lollipops

I took this one morning back in January from my office window. Sent it to the Daily Buzz but they didn’t choose it for the weather pic of the day. Jerks. If only I’d have sent them the photoshopped version with Brett and his magic wand…

~Mustache ride, anyone?

Recently I was eating lunch at Panera with my boss, and saw this guy sitting a good ways away. Luckily I have a zoom on my camera phone AND my boss is cool enough to pretend that I was taking a photo of her. Gotcha mustache man!

~Christmas cookie gone bad

My mom and I were decorating Christmas cookies for the guys at work, and my mom’s creative juices started flowing on this wannabe snowman. It went from bad to worse. Looks like a snowman from South Park.

~Funny animal photos
Mr. Cat at Brad’s house has a lot of personality. He also has a lot of teeth. This is him sleeping...

Mr. Cat also has large pupils… looks like a space cat or something from Gremlins.

Lance likes to eat things, especially paper. Just this evening, what I hoped was my credit card bill was actually Jackie’s baby shower invitation. Don’t worry Jackie – I’m still coming! :)

~Lunch lady
Nicole and I were having lunch at Taphouse when we saw an older lady hobbling up the sidewalk. She looked as if she were coming in from working the streets all night, complete with fur-lined stripper boots. Next thing we knew, she was laid out in the middle of the street! No, I did not jump up to help her – I grabbed my phone to take a picture.

Then, because she was blocking traffic flow on Queen’s Way, a landscaping crew stopped their truck to get out and help her. The photo below is of them helping her up and escorting her to the sidewalk.

To this day I swear she’s Tay-Tay’s girlfriend.

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed this venture into my cell phone photo album. Until next time, dear blog friends, good night.


Jackie said...

If you like I can get Steph to send you a new invite :) Fairamay loves paper too - cardboard especially!

Amber said...

That would be great - especially in case I ever start scrapbooking again...I'm sure I'll have photos from the shower :)