Tuesday, February 10, 2009

V-day Movies

Just in time for Saturday- some movies that would be fun to watch on Valentine’s Day. This is not your traditional movie list like the one I posted earlier (from everythingvalentine.com), because you can get those anywhere. These are movie suggestions for people wanting something a little different on Valentine’s Day. I came up with 5 movies myself. And just to be fair, I’ve consulted a panel of three handsome young gentlemen to come up with the other 5.

Amber’s 5:
1. The Princess Bride - this is my favorite movie, and includes an epic love story.
2. Slumdog Millionaire - for those of you who don’t mind paying $10 for a movie ticket, this is probably your best option for Valentine’s Day at the cinema. It has won about a billion awards so far this year, and is probably the best love story in theaters right now that won’t leave you feeling depressed.
3. When Harry Met Sally - It’s quirky, funny, and was made before Meg Ryan plastic-surgeried herself into an alien. The discussion on faking orgasms and Meg Ryan’s resulting scene is classic.
4. Jaws - Never a better time to snuggle up with someone than facing a deadly (albeit mechanical) great white shark. Unfortunately I watched Jaws movie when I was 5 years old, so I still worry Jaws may be able to make his way into the ground water under my house and burst through the foundation to gobble me up. Sad, but true.
5. Purple Rain - Prince is a bad-ass, plain and simple. The alley scene when Prince is on a motorcycle and runs over a guy is the best. “What’s the password?!?!”

Guy’s 5:
1. High Fidelity says BK - A great story of heartbreak, forgiveness, and coming of age. The perfect flick for music lovers.
2. Forgetting Sarah Marshall says BK - Why? Hilarious. Full frontal MALE nudity. Mila Kunis. Enough said.
3. “Anything Tarantino” says BG - While I questioned this statement at first, I agree that Kill Bill vols 1 & 2 are two movies I wouldn’t mind watching any day of the week. Sure to please men (violence) AND women (Uma Thurman kicking serious rump).
4. True Romance says AF - I love this movie, and can’t believe it’s 16 years old! Christian Slater is hot, not to mention Brad Pitt playing the best stoner roommate ever. “Boy meets girl. Boy kills girl's pimp. He must have thought it was white boy day.”
5. This was a draw between BK’s Big suggestion, and AF’s Army of Darkness - Totally opposite on the spectrum of genre, but both valid V-day movies. Big is fun, and since love and romance are supposed to be fun, this could inspire all sorts of ideas amongst couples. (trampoline in the bedroom anyone?) Army of Darkness, as AF put it, “has fighting, revenge, torture, chases, escapes, romance, miracles... It is like the princess bride with necromancy.” How could I argue with a Princess Bride reference?

I hope these movie suggestions give you ideas for your V-day movie adventures. All three gentlemen on the panel agree that porn is another option, although I’m not sure females would agree on that. Unless it’s in HD at Frankie’s house, of course! Speaking of, why not install a stripper pole in your living room and call it a day?!?!

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