Friday, January 23, 2009

First let me introduce myself:

My name is not “Humpty pronounced with an UMpty”. It’s Amber. I have joined the masses and started a blog, partly because I was inspired by Adam starting a blog, partly because of my blog-tastic friends Brian and Bradley, but mostly because of a man I saw yesterday while eating lunch at Panera Bread. This man had the craziest mustache I’ve ever seen. I attempted to capture it on my camera phone but I was sitting too far away. As I left Panera, I said to myself, “I need to start a blog.” This, my friends and foes, is how my blog was born. I figured as much crap as there is on the internet (including my indestructible Myspace page), surely there is room for one more blog.

Then came the issue of naming my blog. Because my long-time friend Adam just created not one, but TWO blogs in the past two weeks, I turned to him for some guidance to get my creative naming juices flowing. Here are some of our/mostly Adam’s suggestions (these are completely random and silly so please do not judge):
• “Je ne sais quoi” (French phrase meaning “I know not what”) Adam suggested this one, which was very clever, but I didn’t want to take his idea. I believe he may use it for something exciting in the future on his own blog.
• “Writing through the desert on a blog with no name” I came up with this one. Clever huh? The song just popped into my brain, and I pictured myself riding across the desert on a horse, with pen and paper and no name for my blog :( boo hoo.

• “Like Lionel Ritchie, I can blog it all night long.” LOVE this.
• “Who are you, green and white socks?” Ok. This one is definitely the most random. But I was thinking about shows I used to love, and I thought of Jim Henson’s Muppet Babies. LOVED that show, but I always wondered, who the hell is this nanny character with the green and white socks? She is never revealed! I even checked wiki and she was NEVER revealed.
• “Sweet blog o’ mine” Adam again. I could’ve pasted my face onto Axl Rose’s sweet chubby-white-boy braids.
• “MacBlog” Since my last name is MacArthur. I could’ve had the slogan “Just dropping MacBlog’s off at the pool”. Yeah, I know, classy.
• “Bloggers ate your baby…” (said in an Australian accent)
• “Make my blog” (said in a macho voice)
• “Blog of unusual size” …directly related to the R.U.S.’s in The Princess Bride (my all-time fave movie).

Those are some of the ideas for my blog name. How did you get to “Avenging Unicorn”, you ask? Well, 1. I love unicorns. It’s been said: “Unicorns are simultaneously really nerdy and really awesome.” 2. There is a toy called The Avenging Unicorn that is perhaps the coolest unicorn-themed toy in the world. 3. The Last Unicorn is one of my favorite movies. You can refer to reason #1 to find out why I love it so much.

So that’s it! This blog will by no means be limited to talk of unicorns and all things related. I will be featuring my Panera Bread friend and his cool mustache on an upcoming blog, as well as a blog about ‘boomin grannies’, featuring the NY Nets Senior Dance team. Because I know how much you all love Fu Manchu rides and booty-shakin grandma’s, it’s in your best interest to stay tuned.


BK said...

i was born a unicorn.

Riddle me this, unicorn-lover. Why are they called unicorns? Wouldn't it have made more sense for them to be called unihorns? People who name things are stupid.

Other good names for unicorns:

- Sharpheads
- Hornhorses
- Magical Awesomenesses
- Brett
- Bedazzlers
- Stickfaces

I bet when unicorns roamed the Earth, random people would see them and:

A) shoot them
B) start masturbating vigorously due to their extreme awesomeness and beauty
C) try to throw a ring around their horn like horseshoes

Amber, what would you do if you saw a unicorn?

Adam said...

1. Welcome to the world of blogging.

2. Brad, I want comments like that on my page. That has to be one of the greatest comments on a blog I have ever read.

3. I love that our email conversation made it online but you misquoted me on the je ne sais quoi. Nailed the rest... hilarious.

Amber said...

Here's what I would do if I saw a unicorn:

Seriously. That is what I would do.

Thanks for the encouragement Adam- I will try to keep it funny :)

"Dean" said...

stopping by to comment on your literary randomness in all its glory.

Amber said...

Dean you should start a blog!

"Dean" said...

Nah, I'll pass. My randomness would likely down the server. We're talking city-wide power outages, crying babies, and famine.

Though I'm eagerly anticipating your position on the current state of relations of the planet Mars and the C.I.A.'s special yellow cake.